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How to sell promotional products

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your Selling Skills

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Discover the field-tested techniques and strategies that the promotional product industry's most successful distributors are using to drive sales and maximize earnings.

Promotional product sales

The promotional product industry's 3 best selling sale development programs together in one comprehensive library that is GUARANTEED* to increase your sales and earnings.

The good old days when growing your sales was as easy as making a few cold calls are gone. Getting an appointment with a decision maker at a new account is more difficult than ever. When you leave a message they don't return the call and when you finally get through the standard response is I'm not interested. or Just send me a catalogue. And even if you are fortunate enough to overcome the prospecting challenge and meet with a new prospect, you're still a long way from landing the account; after all, what have you got that the prospect can't get from a dozen other suppliers?

Although the marketplace has changed, there is no shortage of opportunity, however to be successful in today's competitive marketplace you need to take a different approach to promotional product sales. Order the Ultimate Promotional Product Sales Library today and discover the field-tested strategies that the industry's most successful distributors are using to drive sales and maximize margins. Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn.

Promotional product sales The Ultimate Guide to Ad Specialty Sales (Soft cover book, 252 pages)
Discover over 250 field-tested tips, techniques and strategies that increase sales and profits. Learn how to turn objections into sales. Eliminate price competition. Cash in on the most lucrative ad specialty markets. Plus much, much more!

  • Why your fast delivery is costing you sales
  • How to make an expensive promotional product seem affordable
  • Discover the most effective way to deal with voice mail
  • How to shorten the sales cycle
  • Over 100 field-tested probing questions that identify sales opportunities
  • Sure-fire responses that overcome all objections
  • How to instantly pique your prospects' interest and hold their attention
  • How to sell Ted, Jim and Pat, the only prospects you'll ever meet
  • How to turns a quote request into an order
  • How to use the SHUFFLE technique to eliminate price competition
  • What you must never do after mentioning the price
  • Close the prospect that says “I can get this same product for less”
  • How to land the account without submitting a quoting
  • How to deal with a discount request
  • How to use Vertical marketing to position yourself as an industry expert
  • Increase your sales by selling to your prospect's hot button
  • How to sell to direct mail marketers
  • How to sell to the educational market
  • How to sell to trade show exhibitors

Order Now Prospecting Strategies that Always Get Great Results (2 Audio CDs, approx 93 minutes)
Includes field-tested scripts that make prospecting easy. Stop being blocked by voice mail. Prevent the receptionist from screening your call. How to sell the prospect that is happy with his existing supplier. Plus much, much more!

  • Field-tested scripts that make prospecting easy
  • How to reach, hard to reach decision makers
  • 18 prospecting rules you need to know
  • How to sell the prospect that is happy with his supplier
  • Get your share of major accounts
  • Learn to use voice mail to your advantage
  • Never again be stopped by a secretary who is screening calls
  • How to instantly establish credibility
  • How to land the appointment when your prospect that says "I'm not interested"
  • Discover the magic words that your prospects wants to hear
  • "Farming" the best kept secret of high income earners
  • Learn to identify the real decision maker; it's not who you think
  • Why you must stay away from purchasing agents
  • Discover the secret to closing the appointment by phone
  • An incredible approach that opens any door
  • How to prevent your prospects from saying "I'm too busy to meet with you"
  • The five steps to successful cold calling
  • How to pique your prospects' interest and hold their attention
  • Why up-selling your existing accounts may be a costly mistake
  • Learn to avoid costly prospecting mistakes
  • Save time – learn to qualify your prospects by phone

Order Now Closing Made Easy (2 Audio CDs, approx 66 minutes)
Turn prospects into paying customers. Land the account without asking for the order. Learn to test your prospect's buying readiness. How to eliminate procrastination. Plus much, much more!

  • Why a powerful presentation is not enough to land the account
  • How to recognize hidden closing opportunities
  • The 8 closing rules that top income earners live by
  • How to ensure that your closing questions always lead to a sale
  • How to take the pressure out of closing and make it easy for your prospects to buy
  • Why asking for the order is a costly mistake
  • Discover the Closing Tipping Point (When prospects turn into advertisers)
  • How to identify your prospect's hidden concerns
  • How to turn your prospect's questions into closing opportunities
  • How to use objections to close the sale
  • What to do if you're lost for words
  • Dealing with the prospect that has decided not to order from you
  • What you must do if you can't close that sale at this time
  • Your prospect places the order by doing nothing – discover how
  • What you must never do after asking a closing question (This common mistake is costing you sales.)
  • When is the best time to close? (It's not when you think.)
  • How to land the account when your prospect is having difficulty making a decision
  • What you must always do before asking a closing question
  • How to overcome the stall and turn objections into sales
  • Over 30 ready-to-use closing questions that turn prospects into advertisers

Order The Ultimate Promotional Product Sales Library today and put the skills that you'll learn in this powerful program to the test for 60 days. You'll notice a dramatic increase in sales and earnings or simply return the library and we'll give you a full refund - no questions asked.

The Ultimate Promotional Product Sales Library. 3 programs (a $189.85 value) only $149.95.

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